Chimney Cleaning and Repairs

Our goal at D & G Professional Chimney Services is to offer our customers full chimney maintenance programs and cleaning services, so they’re never left to hazard the risks of chimney neglect. Give us a call today at (412) 771-0550 to schedule your appointment.

chimney maintenance programs

Maintenance Programs

D & G Professional Chimney Services offers a full maintenance program, designed to cover all your chimney and fireplace needs year round.

Chimney Caps

Keep rodents and birds out of your chimney with professional chimney cap installation from D & G Chimney Professional Services. Our caps our custom fit and stainless steel to ensure the best fit. 

chimney caps
chimney chase

Chimney Chases

We provide and install stainless chase covers to securely fit over the top of your chimney housing or chase. We use stainless because it is resistant to rust and leaks. We proudly offer a lifetime guarantee and also a copper option for the chase.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleanings remove ash build up and debris that block proper air flow. To maximize safety in your home, chimney cleanings should be done once a year. Cleaning also allows our professionals to discover any safety issues. It is important to hire a professional because cleanings can be messy and hazardous. We are certified and leave your area clean during and after the job.

chimney cleaning services
chimney repair services

Chimney Repairs

D & G Professional Chimney Services helps keep your chimney safe and preforming at its best with affordable chimney repair services. We are fully licensed and highly experienced which makes us a great choice for your needed repairs. We fix it right the first time.

Caps, Chases, Crowns, Firewall, Liners, Masonry, And More!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires. It is extremely important to professionally clean the dryer vent of built-up lint which can be flammable when combined with heat. D & G Professional Chimney Services can come out and quickly clean your vent to keep your home and family safe. 

dryer vent cleaning
wood burning fireplace

Fireplace Repairs

Make sure your fireplace is ready for the winter. Our professionals ensure your fireplace works efficiently, reliably, and safely. If you have a fireplace issue, call us. Our licensed professionals can help!

Safety Inspections

D & G Professional Chimney Services offer expert inspections to ensure your chimney and fireplace are operating safely and efficiently. Inspections are recommended during estate transactions or during long periods of inactivity.

chimney safety inspection
storm damaged chimney

Storm Damage Repair

If your home’s chimney has been affected by a storm, we can help. We understand how frustrating and overwhelming storm damage can be. We make working with us as easy as possible by being responsive and offering competitive pricing.